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Playing Contemporary Scenes

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Thirty-one Famous Scenes and How to Play Them
Edited by Gerald Lee Ratliff

This book contains the best scenes from leading plays written by acclaimed contemporary playwrights.

It is an exceptional collection that challenges actors of all ages and experience levels. The scenes offer a wide spectrum of performance styles for vocal and physical interpretation.

Playwrights include: Beckett, Pinter, Mamet, Durang, Foote, Wasserstein, Vogel, McLure, Innaurato, Meyers, Shue, Medoff and Steve Martin.

The scenes are divided into several age groups with each being preceded by performance hints and exercises. A collection of monologues for audition use has also been included.

This is an excellent source book for teachers, students and professionals.

Chapters include
• Beginning Performance Approaches
• Playing the Role
• Playing the Scene
• Scenes for Youth and Young Men and Women
• Scenes for Young Adult Men
• Scenes for Young Adult Women
• Scenes for Young Adult Men and Women
• Audition Monologs for Men Women
• Rehearsal Exercises and Improvisations

Paperback: 368 pages, 14 x 21cm
Meriwether Publishing
All Ages
ISBN: 9781566080255

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